A little bit more to go

Here’s another update. I like to think that it looks a lot better now. The UI on the bottom still needs some serious work, and I will probably tweak the background art also; it’s kinda crazy and the colors aren’t very good.

Stuff that still needs to get done:

  • need a couple more sound effects
  • animation for picking the cans up
  • animation for falling into water (actually I already have a water splash animation, so I think mostly I just need to write the code to play it back)
  • find a better font
  • do something about ugly UI bar
  • level ending screen, game ending screen
  • determine level goal times and time bonuses
  • saving the player’s score to memory card (that reminds me, I need to buy a memory card for testing)
  • and the big one: the PSP technical requirement checklist

That is a bunch of stuff, but none of it should take too long, except for the TRC, but at least that’s just a list. Just need to plow through it.

Not dead yet!

So, looks like I haven’t been posting anything here in five months. That’s not too good. Making the PSP version of Tiny Hawk has taken a lot longer than it was meant to. There are multiple reasons for that, but I’m not going to go too much into those right now. Instead, I thought I’d show you the “before and after” shots of the game. The way it looked in Flash vs. the way it’s looking on the PSP now. It is still WIP; for one thing there’s no real UI/dashboard to show your time, etc. I’m also interested in whatever feedback any of you might have. Does the new version look better? What was good about the old version?

Here’s the original Flash version. It has been cropped to the PSP screen size:

And here’s the newfangled work-in-progress PSP version:

Site refresh

Updated the website here a bit. Looking a bit snazzier now hopefully, and the front page looks a bit less barren.

If you have any feedback on the new look, post in the comments below!

Working on a version of Tiny Hawk for BlackBerry PlayBook. Mostly just to test the waters, and to get a free tablet. ;-)

Exciting paperwork stuff

Lately I’ve been mostly handling a whole bunch of paperwork for Polygon Toys. Registering the company officially, setting up a bank account, getting insurance, applying for a loan, etc. I do have a couple of game projects lined up though, so I’m hoping I can start posting about those soon. I do also intend to get in the habit of blogging more regularly. Let’s say, at least twice a week.

Casual Connect 2011

I’m back home from Casual Connect now. The event started on Tuesday, but I got there Wednesday afternoon, because I had to get a new passport on a short notice. Regardless, I did get to meet some cool people there, and saw a couple of interesting talks.

On Thursday all the GGJ winners got to present their game. I wish there had been a larger attendance, but the people that were there did seem to like our game.

The presentations were recorded and I believe they will be publicly released online soon. I’ll make sure to post a link when that happens.

Rhythm of the Stars is going to Casual Connect 2011


Our team’s Global Game Jam game, Rhythm of the Stars, was lucky enough to get chosen as one of the ten winners of the Gamesauce Challenge. This means that we’ll be presenting our game next week at Casual Connect 2011 in Hamburg, Germany! Aki J√§ntti and I will be at the conference, and will present our game on Thursday 10th of February at the “The Best of Global Game Jam” talk at 12:00.

The game was also nominated for the best game at the Finnish Game Jam, which covers five jam sites. The winner will be announced at the IGDA meetup in Helsinki on Tuesday the 8th of February.