Casual Connect 2011

I’m back home from Casual Connect now. The event started on Tuesday, but I got there Wednesday afternoon, because I had to get a new passport on a short notice. Regardless, I did get to meet some cool people there, and saw a couple of interesting talks.

On Thursday all the GGJ winners got to present their game. I wish there had been a larger attendance, but the people that were there did seem to like our game.

The presentations were recorded and I believe they will be publicly released online soon. I’ll make sure to post a link when that happens.

Rhythm of the Stars is going to Casual Connect 2011

Our team’s Global Game Jam game, Rhythm of the Stars, was lucky enough to get chosen as one of the ten winners of the Gamesauce Challenge. This means that we’ll be presenting our game next week at Casual Connect 2011 in Hamburg, Germany! Aki J√§ntti and I will be at the conference, and will present our game on Thursday 10th of February at the “The Best of Global Game Jam” talk at 12:00.

The game was also nominated for the best game at the Finnish Game Jam, which covers five jam sites. The winner will be announced at the IGDA meetup in Helsinki on Tuesday the 8th of February.