Indie Busking finished

… and here’s the game I made. I call it Pirate Space Program. It is about being a pirate, sailing on the high seas, and upgrading your ship with jet engines and laser cannons. Honestly, I think it needs some more work, but I think it’s pretty fun in its current form after 48 hours of work put into it.

The event itself was lots of fun, but unsurprisingly it was also pretty exhausting. Working all day and barely sleeping does that. I am super glad we did it though. In addition to just the fun of game jamming, we made over $4000 from the jam game bundle, and that number is still going up! We’re thinking about doing a similar event again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that. :)

I intend to work on Pirate Space Program further, but after finishing it I also had an idea for making a 2D sidescroller version of this same concept. It would be kind of like a mix between Pirate Space Program and Trip on the Funny Boat, a game I made for PyWeek about six years ago. I might make that first, and include it in the bundle for people.

If you want to play Pirate Space Program or any of the four other games produced by us last weekend, head over to the Indie Buskers website at . It’s a pay-what-you-want model, so you can pay as low as $1.00, or if you want to support us, you can try to beat the highest tip, which at the time of writing is $250.00 for the bundle.

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