Price drop!

Tiny Hawk is now 1.49€ on European PSN Store! Go get it if you haven’t already!

It seems like one of the things about which the game got criticized early on was the price or the short length of it, and I think that was probably justified criticism. I do personally think the game is worth 3 euros, but I have to admit that compared to all the great games that are cheaper than that, 3 euros is not a competitive price.

I wish I could fix this problem the other way: by updating and extending the game. Alas, the PS Minis model does not allow that. I can do bugfixes and tweaks, but that’s about it. No new content. I think that’s quite unfortunate.

I hope this price drop makes the game a better product, and more people get to play it. Now, if you don’t have a PlayStation, I’m working on an iOS port, and I’m hoping to release that very soon.

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