New website and blog

After about a year of having a static HTML page and a Tumblr blog share the duties of being my website, I’ve decided to move on and use the ever so popular and sometimes hated WordPress. From now on, both static website content and my blog will be served by WordPress.

I did this mostly because I found myself not updating the static side of the website very often even though I clearly had stuff to put on there. Having WordPress makes it a lot easier for me to edit pages and add new content.

I’m trying to import the old blog content from Tumblr, but so far the importer tool is not working. Update: I never got the Tumblr importer working, but I found an online tool called Tumblr2WordPress that exported my Tumblr posts out to a single XML file which I could import into WordPress. Worked out great. The only problem is that all the images are still on Tumblr. I might look if there’s a different alternative that’s able to import the images too, but I suppose as long as I don’t shut down the Tumblr blog, the images will stay hosted there.

Also, if you’re subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed, do note that the new feed URL is

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