Zero-hour game finished :)

I’m calling it “Pumpkin Slice”. I think it’s all right for having been made in zero hours. Click on the screenshot above to play. Controls are left/right/X/C. X jumps, C slices. It’s pretty difficult, although it’s also easy to cheat, and the game doesn’t actually stop even though it says “game over”. ;) If I fixed that stuff, it would be really hard.

Update: Made a quick post-jam version of the game that is a bit more sensible in that you can’t cheat, you can’t move outside the play area (and neither can the pumpkins) and when the game ends, you stop getting points. I also added a double jump move to make it easier to reach high-flying pumpkins. I also got rid of the dark grey background. Click the screenshot below to play the new version.

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