To add a little bit of a sense of progression to the game, I have created different color schemes for sets of 8 levels each.

We have daytime:

Cloudy overcast day:


Smoggy dawn:

My tasklist is looking shorter now, and the game is starting to look a lot better. All of the necessary sound effects are in, I have a new font, the ugly UI bar is just gone, the water splash animation is in there, although I had to redraw it so it looks a bit rough in stills. It looks better in motion though. I also have an animation for picking up the cans, but it looks kinda weird so I probably need to do something about it still. The next thing I need to do is to create a level ending screen with the player’s score shown. At the same time I will determine the time bonus calculation, although the target values will likely change after some testing. I’ll start out with some data gathered testing the Flash version. After the level end screen is done, I’ll have a calculation for the player’s score on each level, and so I can move on to writing the code for saving the player’s scores on a memory card. Only just ordered myself a compatible Memory Stick Pro Duo though, but it should arrive soon, and in the meantime I should be able to start prototyping by writing to my PC harddrive. After that’s done, I should be about feature complete for the game, so what’s left then is the dreaded TRC.

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