A little bit more to go

Here’s another update. I like to think that it looks a lot better now. The UI on the bottom still needs some serious work, and I will probably tweak the background art also; it’s kinda crazy and the colors aren’t very good.

Stuff that still needs to get done:

  • need a couple more sound effects
  • animation for picking the cans up
  • animation for falling into water (actually I already have a water splash animation, so I think mostly I just need to write the code to play it back)
  • find a better font
  • do something about ugly UI bar
  • level ending screen, game ending screen
  • determine level goal times and time bonuses
  • saving the player’s score to memory card (that reminds me, I need to buy a memory card for testing)
  • and the big one: the PSP technical requirement checklist

That is a bunch of stuff, but none of it should take too long, except for the TRC, but at least that’s just a list. Just need to plow through it.

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